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Santa Monica Launch

Hot Weather Riding

Summer is definitely here! The sun is out in full force and the mercury is pushing 30 – and even 40 degrees in some places. It’s easy to get carried away on a Vitamin D high and think you just need to throw on a jersey and pedal out the door, but riding in hot weather requires preparation just like riding on cold days. Here’s our advice for getting the most out of your ride on these beautiful summer days: This might go without saying but – DRINK LOTS! If your normal bottles are 500mL, consider picking up a few 750mL bottles for hot rides. Try and get through one 750mL bottle per hour – at least.   Wear thin socks to avoid hot foot. During hot rides,… Read More

Rider of the Month – Zach Bell

Every month velofix will be featuring a rider who has had their bike serviced with us.  We are passionate about cycling, and so are our Clients. Save Time. Ride More… Read More

ASK Boris: How to wash your bike like a pro

Whether it’s after a drenched road ride, or muddy mountain excursion getting your bike cleaned up is important and actually a LOT easier than you may think. A clean bike is a happy bike. A clean bike runs better, looks better, and is the single most effective way to reduce unnecessary/accelerated component wear. Cleaning is so important that we’ve made it one of the first things on every velofix tune up checklist and here’s what you’ll need to do the job right at home: What you need: A bike stand (this is a nice to have, if you don’t have one just stand the bike up against wall, or hang it by the seat off of something) Some clean rags. Rags, not paper towels; you want… Read More