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Keys to Mid-Race Fuelling

As we come into race season, it’s time to begin experimenting with different race fuelling plans. This is a great piece on mid-race fuelling from Vega educator, Emma Cutfield, that will help you develop your mid-race fuelling plan. This article originally appeared on myvega.com.Mid-race fueling may seem straightforward (consume when tired, right?), but there are a few key tips regarding timing, amount, and format for consumption, that will help fuel your better during an upcoming goal race. Two of the most common questions about mid race fueling from both avid endurance athletes, as well as those beginning their first trail or road races (whether on foot or by pedal) are “how often?” and “how much?” How… Read More

Keeping a Balanced Body: Endurance Athletes

As part of our February newsletter James Greenwood of Innovative Fitness has shared his insight into why it is important for endurance athletes to maintain a balanced body, and how it can be achieved and maintained. Read on to learn more. –  –  –  – Over the years the endurance sports community, including the cycling community, have come to see the benefits of resistance training as an integral part of their training. The benefits of resistance training are numerous and include1: Increasing strength and the ability to produce power on the bike Improvement in the muscles ability to withstand fatigue, otherwise known as muscle endurance Injury prevention and pre-habilitation to ensure the athlete Post injury rehabilitation to return the athlete to bike riding However, before embarking… Read More

Want Awesome Posture on Your Bike? Strengthen Your Core!

Katharine Ford from the Fitness Table Vancouver has been kind enough to share her advice on developing great posture on the bike. Read on so you can learn how to become faster… —- We at the Fitness Table Vancouver Inc. know that riding with awesome posture is no easy task, but if you can sustain it on your bike the benefits are tenfold. Awesome posture on your bike will aid in reducing back pain, increase your breath capacity, and will allow you to ride longer, train harder, and improve your performance. Who doesn’t want that??  So, how do you achieve and sustain awesome posture? At the Fitness Table the first part of the postural training process is about learning how to breathe diaphragmatically. For more information on breathing… Read More

6 Equipment Upgrades for 2015

At the moment cycling websites are filled with articles like “Team Y’s Bike for 2015” and “See What Team X Will Be Riding This Year”. While it would be nice to pick up a new bike every January, that isn’t feasible for everyone – especially if you don’t get it handed to you at team camp. If a new bike isn’t in the budget this year, there are a few items you might want to consider picking up to make your ride (or riding in general) feel like new – that won’t break the bank. Here are the 6 upgrades that might be worth making for 2015. New Tires             As your contact point with the road, tires take a beating. They get worn down (if your tires look… Read More

Tips for Training Camp

The end of January through March is prime training camp time for many cyclists. If you’ve been trapped inside during the winter months, it’s always exciting to get the wheels rolling under you for the first time in a few months. Even if you’ve been riding outside – but in cooler weather – the first ride without leg warmers can be a monumental occasion. Whether you are escaping to California, Hawaii or are doing a training camp at home, we have a few tips for you. We’ve compiled our advice, based on a few years of training camp experience, on what you should and shouldn’t do, to make your training camp a successful one. The tips are broken down into pre-camp, on-camp and post-camp advice.   … Read More