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6 Equipment Upgrades for 2015

At the moment cycling websites are filled with articles like “Team Y’s Bike for 2015” and “See What Team X Will Be Riding This Year”. While it would be nice to pick up a new bike every January, that isn’t feasible for everyone – especially if you don’t get it handed to you at team camp. If a new bike isn’t in the budget this year, there are a few items you might want to consider picking up to make your ride (or riding in general) feel like new – that won’t break the bank. Here are the 6 upgrades that might be worth making for 2015. New Tires             As your contact point with the road, tires take a beating. They get worn down (if your tires look… Read More

Tips for Training Camp

The end of January through March is prime training camp time for many cyclists. If you’ve been trapped inside during the winter months, it’s always exciting to get the wheels rolling under you for the first time in a few months. Even if you’ve been riding outside – but in cooler weather – the first ride without leg warmers can be a monumental occasion. Whether you are escaping to California, Hawaii or are doing a training camp at home, we have a few tips for you. We’ve compiled our advice, based on a few years of training camp experience, on what you should and shouldn’t do, to make your training camp a successful one. The tips are broken down into pre-camp, on-camp and post-camp advice.   … Read More

7 Items to Remember Every Ride

Do you find yourself leaving the house for a ride, wondering what you might have forgotten this time? Or maybe you get ten minutes into your ride and realize you forgot your pump – and are just hoping you don’t run over anything you shouldn’t? Cycling isn’t like running. You can’t just tie on your running shoes and head out the door. It can be a bit of a process to get ready to ride and there are a few accessories you need to take with you every time. Here’s our top 7 items you need to remember every time (besides your clothes/shoes/helmet/bike). 1. Tube(s)2. Pump or CO2 4. Tire Levers 3. Phone 4.Ride wallet (w/ $ or a credit card)… Read More

January ‘Rider’ Profile – Musette Caffe Staff

If you’ve been to either Musette Caffe – Burrard or Chinatown – you know the staff is a fun bunch with a passion for cycling. Learn a little more about them – and their favourite bikes – in this Rider of the Month profile. Read More

Planning the New Year

At this time of year there is always a lot of debate about New Year’s Resolutions. Some people make them every year, and some lobby against them every year. We don’t want to get in the middle of that argument. However, whether you are in the resolution camp or not, it is still great to plan out your cycling season and set goals. The first step in laying out the season is to pencil any events, training camps or races you are looking at doing into a calendar. You can use any format you like – iCal, weekly calendar, monthly calendar. Sit down with your computer and calendar, look up all the dates and add them in. If you’re using a program like iCal you can make a… Read More