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Cycling is more popular than ever in Indianapolis and Central Indiana.  From the country roads, to the bustling downtown environs, to the Cultural & Monon Trails, the diversity of the Indy area offers some amazing rides.  As Central Indiana continues to focus on fitness and the outdoors, cycling has become a key year round activity of choice. Cycling has grown as community leaders and organizations create more opportunities for cyclists to ride their bikes for both recreation and commuting. Whether you’re a roadie, a triathlete, a mountain biker, a commuter, a cruiser, or all of the above, velofix Indianapolis provides something for everyone.


Meet Your Owner

velofix Indianapolis is owned by Brian Brackemyre. He believes bikes are like shoes – you can never have too many. A long-time member of the Central Indiana/Indianapolis bicycle scene, Brian’s involvement and advocacy increased after being hit by an automobile in 2009 while riding his bike. Brian brings 30 years of senior business experience and a United Bicycle Institute bicycle mechanic’s certification to his velofix Indianapolis operations. He has been involved in many local groups such as Bicycle Indiana, Hoosier Mountain Bike Association (HMBA), YMCA Indy Bike Hub, and the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Council – City of Indianapolis. Brian and his team are looking forward to providing a new and unique service to all Hoosier cyclists!