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Where are all the 20-somethings??

A note from Michael G on TriRudy.com: I first joined TriRudy in 2004. A submission from 2004 that always stayed with me, was one asking where are the 20 somethings? It caused controversy and generated some replies. The Author was wondering why it was predominantly 30 and 40 year olds who were winning. Well 14 years later and once again, we need to ask; where are the 20 year olds? But this time, it is from a participation point of view. While the triathlon season is over, cyclocross is ongoing. It caught my attention back in 2006, and so I joined and followed the race series. If you check the results from this year’s races, you may notice that the same guys are still there and still winning!!!… Read More

velofix Motivember

If you’re like me, you need some motivation to exercise sometimes. I find that it’s harder to motivate myself to get out the door if I don’t have an upcoming race or event. Seeing as there aren’t a lot of event during the month of November, I thought I’d make one. Since the event is in November, and it’s meant to be a motivator, we lovingly named it “velofix Motivember… Read More

Race Report: Cyclocross at Conlon Farms

I’ve been on TriRudy for years but never thought my race reports would be worthy of the daily email. I had so much fun writing my last race report, that I thought I’d do another. This Sunday was week #4 on the cyclocross calendar and it brought us to Perth. I love the Perth area and I’m always looking for excuses to make it out this way. For one, Rick Hellard organizes a top-notch cyclosportive here every September. In fact, this week’s cross race shares a parking lot with the venue that Rick uses for his event. The roads around Perth (paved and unpaved) are nice, have little traffic and a great view. You’re always biking past a lake, nice cottages or wildlife. It’s a fun area to ride in. Read More

Race Report: Cyclocross at KIN Vineyards

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is nice and crisp, the scenery is beautiful and it’s cyclocross season! Most of the mainstream races & events are done for the reach but if you haven’t heard of or tried “cyclocross”, it’s a great way to extend the season and have some fun. Every September marks the beginning of the Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Series (EOCS). If you want to learn more about it, check out their website. http://cyclocross.org. For 9 consecutive Sunday’s, you can race (or participate, as I like to call it) in a well-organized event. You can do all 9 races, or just 1. And if you’re not interested in racing, spectating and volunteering is fun too. A typical cross… Read More

Tire Width on Road Bikes

If you haven’t noticed, road tires are getting wider! You may have some riding buddies that swapped out their tires, or you may have made the swap yourself. Long gone are the days where 23, 21 or 19mm tires ruled the road. Most bikes are coming stock with 25mm, if not wider.   If you’re not familiar with the benefits of a wider tire, hold onto your saddle and read on.   First off, some people… Read More