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Go Zwift. Get inside and ride!

For the month of March, velofix Ottawa is hosting the #velofixGive30 Challenge. This “challenge” is meant to be fun and engaging – NOT difficult and stressful. The challenge asks its participants to exercise for 30 minutes a day, for as many days as possible.   This idea was an idea brought forward by one of our velofix Ottawa ambassadors – Tamsin. She’s an avid cyclist and commutes to work on two wheels regularly. She also fat-bikes, does cyclcross, rides road and does the occasional time trial! She also loves lots of other sports, including xc skiing, snowshoeing, swimming and running. She’s a great example of someone who embraces sport and tries to exercise every day.   The article below was… Read More

#velofixGive30 Update!

#velofixGive30 Update. Halfway through! Our first #velofixGive30 Challenge is now halfway done. If you’re not already familiar with our new challenge, you can read all about it here: https://www.velofix.com/locations/ottawa/news/velofixgive30-challenge In short, the goal is to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. You can do more than 30 minutes and you can choose any form of exercise: cycling, walking, snowshoeing, yoga, running, the gym, etc. The whole motivation behind his is to get people moving and stay active. You can exercise at your own pace and do your exercise whenever is most convenient for you. Lastly, if you’re like most people, the hardest part can be finding the time to do 30 minutes of exercise. With the face-paced lives that we live, it seems to get harder… Read More

#velofixGive30 Challenge

For the month of March, velofix Ottawa wants you to be active! To help keep you motivated, we created the #velofixGive30 challenge. The “challenge” is simple: exercise for 30 minutes a day. You can choose any form of exercise – cycling, running, walking, yoga, stretching, anything! This challenge is meant to be fun and engaging, so there’s no need to overthink the type of exercise you need to do or the mileage you need to complete. Exercise at your own pace, on your schedule. There’s no cost to sign up but you will have the chance to win some prizes from local businesses and velofix Ottawa. If you’d like to sign up, email Adam@velofix.com FAQ: Q: March has already started. Is it too late to join? A:… Read More

5 tips to enjoy snowshoe running!

Velofix Ottawa isn’t ALL about bikes. We service a variety of equipment and we love being active – whether it’s cycling, running, skiing, hiking, yoga, etc. This articles takes a short break from bike talk and focuses on one of our other favorite sports. Snowshoe hiking has been around for thousands of years. Snowshoeing is great, for many reasons. It’s a fun way to embrace winter, it’s a good workout, can be social and it takes you places you normally couldn’t go with regular shoes. There’s new category of snowshoeing that outdoor enthusiasts are flocking to: snowshoe running! Running snowshoes are narrower and lighter than their hiking counterparts, which give you a little more flexibility on the type of terrain you can run on. A lot of our… Read More

It’s here, it’s finally here!

Every month we do a small newsletter to let you know what’s going on with velofix Ottawa. Our biggest news for December is that we’re trying to help fund a Winter Trail in Orleans. Please help us raise money to get a trail from Trim Road to Greens Creek. It’ll be open to skate skiing, classic skiing, snowshoeing and fat biking! velofix Ottawa will match all the donations you make, up to a total of $500. Please consider making a donation to help the amazing initiative. The rest of our update can be found in the link below. http://mailchi.mp/b92e466dac98/velofix-ottawa-december-update?e=68e9029d86 Sincerely, The velofix Ottawa Team… Read More