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I began riding at 13 years-old after seeing the 1984 Tour de France on
TV. European road cycling seemed so exotic and dramatic to a farm boy
from Central California. I took over my brother’s Peugeot, and my love
of the bicycle was born.

I bought my first “real bike” at 15; in doing so, I forged a
relationship with Bike Haus: the manufacturer of AeroLite pedals. I
got my first shop experience at Bike Haus; I even accompanied AeroLite
to Interbike 1986: the last year it was held in Anaheim.

Since then, I have worked in 7 shops (4 in Bicycle Retailer’s top 100)
in sales and service. After college, I moved deeper into the industry
working for 4 manufacturers: including the largest bicycle
manufacturer in the world (and number 3 brand in the US) Giant

I learned frame building and bicycle fit from Ken Kowal in the early
‘90’s and I have built about a dozen of my own frames.
As a rider, I have done just about everything on a bike. I began
racing on the road as a junior. I raced mountain bikes. I have done
centuries, triathlons, and 24 hour races.