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velofix Santa Monica

Bike repair service for the Santa Monica community.

Cycling is one of the best ways to get around Santa Monica and surrounding area. It has beautiful topography, temperate weather, and a bike-loving community making it an ideal destination for two-wheeled adventure. Whether you favor a leisurely beach cruise, a scenic road ride, or an epic patch of single track, the area’s diverse trails, roads, and tours deliver and won’t disappoint.

No matter the type of riding you enjoy, whether you’re needing your road bike repaired or your mountain bike repaired, whether you’re looking for bike parts and accessories or to buy a new bike, velofix Santa Monica has you covered.

Meet your Mechanic

Lucas got his start working on bikes as kid with taking a part his own bike.  Growing up in Santa Monica, California, there was a boutique bike shop where they sold high-end Italian steel beauties. Lucas would stare at these amazing road bikes through the window and fantasize about one day owning one of those pieces of art but would still always be invited into the shop with his 14 Speed Schwinn road bike.

Lucas was a road rider until he went to college in Missoula, Montana and it was there he fell in love with mountain biking and escaping into nature for hours.

When he left college and moved back home to Los Angeles, the mountain biking terrain was very tough on his low-end mountain bike. His local mechanic mentored him and led to all of his mountain biking friends bringing their bikes to him to fix.  At the time, he was working in healthcare as Respiratory Therapist but his passion was still fixing bikes. Over the last decade, he ran a repair shop out of his house while working full time at hospitals saving lives.

In early 2015, Lucas decided that it was time to try a mobile bike repair that he had thought of in 2013 and through his research came across velofix.  velofix was expanding to California and came on board. He has since attended the Barnett Bike Institute in Colorado in May 2015 and received his official bike mechanic certification.

His passion will always be mountain bikes, but Lucas will work on everything from DI2 to Campy to building carbon wheel sets for his clients.  Having worked in Healthcare for 25 years he treats every bike with the utmost care like he did with his patients.

Sponsorships and Events

Tour de Los Padres

Professional biker at heart with compassion to heal your bike. Lucas was amazing getting right to the issue that needed adjusting and teaching me things like maintenance that I did not know about.

Jason C.