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St. Louis really has a ton to offer for the outdoor or cycling enthusiast! The City of St. Louis has over 100 parks, including the most popular- Forest Park which is one of the largest urban parks in the country. Forest Park has over 12 million visitors a year and is nearly 500 acres bigger than Central Park in New York City. The state parks or wine districts of eastern Missouri or southwestern Illinois have plenty of great road, gravel, and mountain biking. The City has the Great Rivers Greenway, Grant’s Trail, the Riverfront Trail, as well as lots of bike lanes and cycling routes through the city. St. Louis is a great place to experience fun city living with some of the area’s best places to get back to nature close by.

No matter the type of riding you enjoy, whether you’re needing your road bike repaired or your mountain bike repaired, whether you’re looking for bike parts and accessories or to buy a new bike, velofix St.Louis has you covered.

Meet your Mechanic

Francesca on a High WheelFrancesca has been cycling as long as she can remember, with some of her earliest memories being performing “tricks” on her tricycle for her parents at 3 years old! She enjoys any and all types of riding – road, mountain, antique bicycles (ask her about her 1887 Penny Farthing,) to fixed gears and fun, casual city bikes. Francesca started to realize how much she loved cycling when she was re-introduced in college. She worked for an outdoors shop that carried bikes, and quickly moved to specific bicycle shops and never looked back. Francesca has been in the cycling industry on and off since then, for 10 years. She has worked at a wide range of bike shops, directly for bike manufacturers, and after a return to the “real world” aka an office job, she decided it was time to stick with bikes for good!

When not riding, Francesca enjoys being outdoors as much as possible. She loves taking her dog, Campy, mountain biking, trail running, and hiking. She also enjoys soccer, climbing, camping, kayaking, traveling, and socializing when she can in her down time.

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