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E-bike Etiquette

For some reason, no one ever talks about the proper etiquette associated with owning an E-Bike which makes everyone wonder whether e-bike etiquette exists. We’re breaking down the basics for you to avoid looking like a real e-hole on the roads.

Get Comfortable

Depending on where you are in the world, there are different regulations that you must follow. In most areas, bicyclists act as motorists. Before riding off, we advise that you are comfortable getting on and off, stopping and maneuvering your e-bike.

Visibility is Key

Regardless of what type of bike you are riding, it’s essential to take extra precautions to be visible. Wear bright/ reflective clothing and make sure your lights are working. Learn your hand signals to communicate your intentions with surrounding traffic.

Waving when Passing

There are so many benefits of an e-bike, one of which being the extra support up hills. When on hills, avoid flagging down bikers by waving or mimicking the effect of pedalling hard. Many bikers struggle with hills, and seeing you fly past them with minimal to no effort could be an extra jab.

Stop Apologizing

If you’re from Canada, sorry might be a part of your daily vocabulary. When on the roads, please minimize the number of times you apologize. When passing someone, you do not have to apologize; it’s not a crime to ride your e-bike. Please don’t feel bad for the grinding folks going at their own pace. Believe it or not, they’re probably equally as happy as you are!

You’ll Be Okay If Your Batteries Die

If you’re out biking and your battery dies, we promise you’ll be okay. Just like your phone, the length of an E-bike battery charge is based on its use. If this is a problematic situation for you, plan your route before leaving the house.

Parking 101

We get it; it might be a sunny day at the beach, and spots are limited, and bikes lean on each other due to the limited space—we advise you not to lean your E-bike onto bicycles because of the difference in weight. Relying on a carbon race bike to hold up your E-bike is the equivalent of trying to have a feather hold a rock.. it just doesn’t work.