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The five benefits of using a smart trainer to improve your cycling.

There are many benefits associated with smart trainers, from beating bad weather to achieving specific training goals when you’re short on time. The idea of working indoors is no longer excruciatingly dull, thanks to the advent of smart turbo trainers and third-party interactive apps.  So what is a smart trainer?  Once connected to a third-party app, smart trainers can control the… Read More

E-Bike Accessibility

We want to applaud PeopleForBikes for raising awareness on a cause that velofix is in full support of – the introduction of an electric bicycle tax credit. This legislation makes e-bikes more accessible to individuals in America and contributes to the fight against the climate crisis. Senator Schatz addressed this legislation by saying, “we need to do everything we can to transition to… Read More

What does a service with velofix look like?

E-bike Etiquette

For some reason, no one ever talks about the proper etiquette associated with owning an E-Bike which makes everyone wonder whether e-bike etiquette exists. We’re breaking down the basics for you to avoid looking like a real e-hole on the roads. Get Comfortable Depending on where you are in the world, there are different regulations that you must follow. In most areas, bicyclists act… Read More

Five Ways to Get Motivated to Ride Your E-Bike!

An extra push of motivation is sometimes what we need to get back on the (electric) bike. But, don’t worry; you’re not the only person in search of extra motivation to make biking a part of your daily routine. We’ve scoured the internet and tested hundreds of different tips to create a list of the top “FIVE WAYS TO GET MOTIVATED TO USE YOUR… Read More

Strava Challenges

Are you ready to join a Strava challenge and push yourself to see how many miles or activities you can knock out?  One of the most popular Strava challenges is the Festive 500, which is 500km – 310 miles- over the eight days between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.  That’s a solid commitment of nearly 20 hours of outside riding (Zwift… Read More

Six Steps To Prepare for Winter Cycling

Summer is officially over. Winter is here. However, off season doesn’t mean that you have to hang your bikes in the garage and wait for spring. As you prepare to ride your bike during the holiday season here are six steps to ensure you’re safe, comfortable, and ready for the elements.    Take an inventory of your winter riding kit… Read More

Your Experience Our Reputation

You Ride Our Reputation  Is our way of calling attention to the importance of the work we do for our customers.  It’s why people try us and customers keep coming back.  We don’t take our reputation for granted; we’re out there starting from zero every time we work on a bike, because we see our reputation as something we need… Read More

The Top Five Cities In Need of a Serious velofix

velofix is growing. And we want you to be a part of that growth. So, we’ve been surveying the United States and Canada, reading the market, finding where cyclists live and what kind of riding they do, and thus determining where velofix can most easily slot in. And, thanks to having a live website where people can ask for velofix… Read More

Oakley Sport Sunglasses

Eyes are essential for taking in the ride. For pleasure, safety, and performance. Protecting them from airborne detritus, dust, dirt, and moving air keeps them safe and healthy. Highly-evolved lens tints improve performance. Filmmaker Frederico Fellini once said, “If you see with innocent eyes, everything is divine.” And keeping that kind of perspective is what Oakley does with every pair of glasses they make. Read More