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Your Guide to Bike Tire Care and Flat Repair

Navigating city streets, tackling trails, or venturing onto gravel paths all require keeping your bike’s tires in top shape for a smooth ride. Here’s everything you need to know about maintaining your bike tires and handling those inevitable flats.

Proper Bike Tire Pressure

Why it Matters: The right tire pressure ensures optimal performance and comfort while preventing premature wear.

Road Bikes: Typically, aim for 80-130 psi (pounds per square inch) depending on tire width and rider weight. Check sidewall recommendations.

Mountain Bikes: Opt for 25-35 psi for better traction and shock absorption on rugged terrain.

Gravel Bikes: Keep it around 35-45 psi to balance speed on gravel and comfort on mixed surfaces.

When to Check: Ideally, before every ride or at least once a week. Use a reliable pressure gauge to get it just right!

Adding Air to Your Tires

Signs: If your bike feels sluggish, handling is off, or tires look visibly deflated, it’s time for a pump-up!

How Much: Consult your bike’s manual or tire sidewall for recommended psi. Adjust as needed for terrain and weather conditions.


velofix bike technician fixing a bike tire flat

Fixing a Punctured Bicycle Tube

Inner Tubes: Locate the puncture by inflating and listening for leaks or using soapy water. Patch with a kit or replace the tube if damage is severe.

Tubeless Tires: Remove debris, insert a plug, and add sealant if needed. Inflate and rotate to seal.

Essential Tools for Fixing a Flat

Must-Haves: Carry these in your bike kit or backpack:

  • Tire Levers: To remove the tire from the rim without damaging it.
  • Patch Kit or Spare Tube: For repairing punctures on the go.
  • Portable Pump or CO2 Inflator: Essential for reinflating tires after a repair.

Bonus Tips: Practice changing tubes at home so you’re prepared when it happens on the road or trail. And always pack an extra spare tube, just in case!

Taking care of your bike tires and knowing how to handle a flat can save your ride from turning into a walk. Regular maintenance and a preparedness mindset will keep you rolling smoothly, whether you’re commuting, racing, or exploring new paths.

Remember, a little TLC for your bike tires goes a long way in enhancing your cycling adventures!


Need help with a flat repair on your road, gravel, or e-bike? velofix is here to help and make it easy to keep rolling. Check out our services and get back on your bike hassle-free!