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First Race of the Season To-Do List

Race season is right around the corner. Hopefully you’ve been training and checked that item off the to-do list, but while training is the most important thing on that list, it isn’t the only thing you need to do to be race ready. Some pre-race habits that are old hat by the end of the season are a little rusty in March or April and what you need for racing isn’t quite the same as what you need on your everyday training ride. While you can finally leave the hand pump or CO2 at home, there is a whole other list of items you need to have with you on race day. Here are all the questions we ask ourselves before the first race of the season to make sure we’re ready…

Race Bag

Have you re-stocked on safety pins for your numbers?

Do you have a way to mount a frame number to your bike – zip ties or a number plate holder?

Can you find your short finger gloves?

Do you have the proper kit (shorts and jersey) for your team or club?

Race Food

Do you have enough bottles for race day?

Do you have the drink mix you’ll use during the race?

Do you have someone to feed you or will you start with an extra bottle?

Do you have enough bars and gels for the race?

Have you tried all the race food in training and know that your stomach can handle it?

License & Registration

Have you applied for your racing license and will you have it in hand by race day?

*If you don’t think you will have the physical license in time, make sure you get a letter from your association to prove that you have a license.

What’s the registration deadline for the race?

Is there early bird registration or can you register day of?


Are your race wheels (if you have them) ready to go?

Does your bike shift and brake properly when you put your race wheels on?

Do you need different brake pads (carbon pads) to use with your race wheels?

Do you have the proper cassette on for the course?

Have you taken off your fenders?

Have you taken off your saddle bag?

If you have all of these concerns taken care of then you should be ready to go! Good Luck!