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Sea Otter 2016 Recap

What a great time and a busy 4 days! We met a lot of great people and businesses doing amazing things in the industry. Here’s a recap of our time spent at beautiful Laguna Seca:





Cody Compau “My favorite part of Sea Otter was having everyone from the industry represented in one place and getting the chance to connect with them. Having velofix vans there to support the riders and seeing how genuinely happy they were by our premium service was icing on the cake.” 

Adam Kourakis “My favorite part about Sea Otter was seeing people’s first reaction to the velofix van. It’s something you have to see to believe! I also enjoyed being at the start line of the Fondo. Nothing cooler than seeing 3000 people who see eager to ride their bikes!”

Amy Wasney “Sea Otter did not disappoint! It was certainly a lot of fun being the “new kid on the block” – the curiosity and excitement surrounding the van and our service model was great! Fantastic event, fabulous support staff – can’t wait to do it again next year!”

Davide Xausa “Going from being the new kid in class, to the captain of the “soccer” team”

Megan Nemeth “Being in the thick of the bike scene with passionate cyclists and mountain bikers! Feeding off their energy throughout the whole event and meeting some really great people!”

Chris Guillemet “What a difference a year makes! We were proud to be a Sponsor this year and we are excited about the future of the velofix Gran Fondo at Sea Otter. Sea Otter is such a great celebration of Bikes.”

We’ll be back as a sponsor for the next two years so if you missed out this year, make sure to come out in 2017 and ride the velofix Gran Fondo!

If you snapped some shots of us at Sea Otter make sure to send them our way using #velofixSeaOtter2016 – we’d love to see them!