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The Off-Season with Jeff Symonds

Go off road

Mixing things up is always a great idea. Fall and winter are great times to get out on a mountain bike or a cross bike. Getting off road can be a great mental break from the mental grind of the indoor trainer. The slower speed and shelter of off road riding makes really cold days a lot more tolerable. You will also love the extra stability and confidence that the wider and more heavily treaded tires have. You will also appreciate how dirt and snow make for a soft landing in case you do come off your bike. 

Join a spin class 

Indoor spinning can be a great way to stay motivated over the winter. Spin classes make the work fun and keep you mentally fresh heading into the spring. In addition, most people find they have better quality workouts in a indoor group setting than on their own. A good instructor will also coach you through the mental aspect of cycling. They will be shouting mental toughness strategies and words of encouragements that you can file away for when you need it on race day! And if you are still not sold, spin classes are the one workout where you can ride with your significant other and not get dropped. 

Get a bike fit 

Now is the time to make changes and a proper bike fit is the best investment you can make.  A good bike fit can help you avoid injuries, produce more power and feel more comfortable.  Even if you have had a fit done before, our bodies change overtime so if you aren’t 100% happy with your fit it might be worth getting another one done. 

Get some new gear

The off-season is be a great time to try out a new saddle or new pair of insoles if the ones you are currently using aren’t perfect.  It’s also a great time to try out new nutrition products and find out what brand and combination of bars, gels, chews and drinks work best for you. There is no way to know that a big plate of greasy pre ride Nachos isn’t a good idea unless you try it!

Sign up for something epic 

 Nothing fires you up and keeps you motivated through the winter like have an epic event to train for. Find something that stokes your passion and commit!  The worst part about being an endurance athlete is that there are too many great races and too little time to recover!  

About Jeff
CArQ0WeVEAAgabJJeff is a professional triathlete, originally from Penticton, BC.

In 2015, he stormed to a win at Ironman Melbourne and took on the Ironman World Championships for the first time.

He’ll do whatever it takes to get to that finish line as fast as possible. 

Even if that means Getting Ugly!