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E-Bike Repair, Service, and Maintenance

velofix is a full-service mobile repair shop for electric bikes (e-bikes). Our network of trained technicians are deeply knowledgeable and service a wide range of e-bikes, including Rad Power, Benno, OHM, Yamaha, and Stromer, just to name a few. To meet the needs of busy riders, we offer on-demand e-bike assembly, repair, and maintenance in select regions. Services include:

Best for regular riders seeking to maintain their bike in top condition. This service is recommended as an annual and seasonal service, and will include re-tensioning of spokes, to ensure motor-driven wheels remain aligned and sturdy.

Everything in E-Bike Silver +

  • Re-tension the wheel spokes (Front & Rear)

This package focuses on safety and functionality through a comprehensive inspection and adjustment of all mechanical components, guaranteeing flawless braking and shifting performance, ideal for the occasional rider (1-3 times a week).

  • Full bike safety inspection (frame, fork, components, and torque settings)
  • Frame and component wipe down
  • Lube chain
  • Shifter and derailleur adjustments
  • Brake lever and caliper adjustments
  • Minor wheel adjustments
  • Check external connections
  • Post-service test ride

* Parts, accessories, and installation fees not included
* Electric motorcycles or electric scooters are not serviceable by velofix
* eBike diagnostic & troubleshooting time will be billed hourly

Need a flat repaired?
Let velofix do the heavy lifting and navigate electronics so you can get riding without interruption.

How often does my e-bike need maintenance?

Rule of thumb: Service your e-bike every six months or per 750–1,250 mi / 1,207-2,011 kms of riding. However, this is a very loose estimate, and the best service routine is based on how often and intensely you ride.

Intense Rider

Riding to work and running errands daily, rain or shine, with heavy pedal assist and carrying cargo.

Inspect Parts: 100 mi / 160 kms
Tune-Up: 300 mi / 482 kms
Full Overhaul: 1,000 mi / 1,609 kms

Regular Rider

Not a daily rider but regularly get out on the e-bike with some cargo for intense rides or using moderate pedal assist.

Inspect Parts: 150 mi / 241 kms
Tune-Up: 300 mi / 482 kms
Full Overhaul: 1,200 mi / 1,931 kms

Light Rider

Occasional ride on a nice day or only use minimal pedal assist with limited cargo.

Inspect Parts: 200 mi / 321 kms
Tune-Up: 300 mi / 482 kms
Full Overhaul: 1,500 mi / 2,414 kms

E-Bike FAQs

How often does my e-bike need maintenance?

As a rule, we recommend a basic tune-up at least every six months or 750–1,250 mi / 1,207-2,011 kms, but keeping an eye on how, where, and when you ride can help you develop a more personalized routine.

Over the course of hundreds and thousands of miles, brake pads get thinner, chain lubricant washes away, and tire tread breaks down. While wear and tear is a guarantee, turning to one of our trusted professionals can keep you riding your e-bike for years.

How do I avoid getting flats?

We always recommend having a good tire sealant handy.  Before each ride it’s a good safety rule to check your tires and make sure they are inflated properly.  Keeping your tires inflated and consistently checked will help you catch any tire damage before going out for a ride.

Do you stock branded e-bike parts (i.e. Rad, Yamaha, OHM, etc.)?

We do not stock inventory of parts however we work directly with brands to source any and all parts one of our customers may need.

Do you service / replace electric components and batteries on e-bikes?

We do not replace or service electric components or batteries.  We recommend checking with the brand you purchased from on items which could fall under warranty.

Do you cover the e-bike brands warranty?

Once your request is approved by the brand we can assist with warranty coverage.  Please first connect with the brand’s customer care team to ensure you are covered by warranty requirements then book an appointment with our team to get you taken care of.

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