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Elby & velofix Partner to Deliver E-Bikes!

Elby Bikes, the new hybrid, pedal-assist e-bike, will work closely with velofix’s fleet of Mobile Bike Shops to deliver fully-built and ready to ride bikes to customers across the US and Canada. velofix’s 55+ franchises are well-positioned to fulfill orders in nearly all markets and are able to bring their services to the customer’s doorstep, safely completing the build on site and orienting the rider to their newly purchased bike.

Elby’s partnership with velofix goes further than direct consumer distribution to include in-van mobile demos, strategic promotion and sales opportunities, and ongoing customer maintenance and service of Elby owners.

“Modern luxury lifestyle products deserve a contemporary luxury service that suits a 21st century customer’s expectation of service. Elby is a premium product and we want to meet that consumer expectation by putting their investment in the hands of qualified professionals from the moment it leaves our hands to their first pedal stroke,” said Fred Gingl, Elby Co-Founder. ”You can’t get that if you rely on home assembly and generic delivery drivers.”

Read the full release here.