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Top 10 Benefits of Cycling

When it comes to managing your weight, mental health, heart health, and more, cycling is one of the best workouts you can do. Here are 10 of the many health benefits of regular cycling and get ready to hit the road on two wheels. 

Cycling improves mental well-being 

Regular physical activity is an important part of mental health. According to a study conducted by the YMCA, people with a physically active lifestyle scored 32% higher on a wellbeing test compared to those who were sedentary. 

Cycling promotes weight loss 

Cycling, especially at high intensity, helps you burn body fat and control your weight over the long run. It can even help you burn more calories at rest by increasing your metabolism. 

Cycling builds muscle 

Exercise isn’t all about losing weight, and the resistance aspect of cycling will develop your muscles— especially in the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. 

Cyclists have better lung health 

Aerobic exercise is crucial to maintaining healthy lungs, and cycling can be your gateway. In fact, one study published by the Healthy Air Campaign found that on average, cyclists have better lung health than drivers, bus riders, and pedestrians. 

Cycling can help heart disease and cancer 

Health officials recommend certain types of exercise in order to reduce the risk of obesity, which leads to higher rates of heart disease and certain types of cancer. Cycling is one of these, as it helps get your heart rate up and blood flowing efficiently throughout your body. 

Cycling is low impact 

For many people, biking is preferable to running because it is non-weight bearing. This reduces the risk of injuries to certain areas of the body. 

Cycling improves navigational skills 

The more you are able to get out and explore the world on a bike, the better you will get at internal mapping and using environmental cues to help you navigate. 

Cyclists sleep better 

If you want to get more and better sleep, cycling is the answer! Tiring yourself out though physical activity has been shown to help you get better quality sleep. 

Cycling improves balance, posture, and coordination 

Staying upright on a bike requires balance and coordination. Biking regularly helps you enhance these skills, which typically deteriorate with age. 

Cycling is environmentally-friendly 

Cycling isn’t just great for exercise, it’s a mode of transportation that helps you reduce your carbon footprint as well. Next time you have a trip that is a little too far to walk, consider grabbing your bike instead of your car keys. 


It’s important to have your bike serviced regularly so that it’s always available for you to reap the benefits of frequent cycling. At velofix, we come to your location in Northeast Florida for convenient and professional bike repair. Your velofix Northeast Florida Mobile Bike Shop is here to save you time so you can ride more. Book your service today