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#velofixGive30 Challenge

For the month of March, velofix Ottawa wants you to be active! To help keep you motivated, we created the #velofixGive30 challenge.

The “challenge” is simple: exercise for 30 minutes a day. You can choose any form of exercise – cycling, running, walking, yoga, stretching, anything! This challenge is meant to be fun and engaging, so there’s no need to overthink the type of exercise you need to do or the mileage you need to complete. Exercise at your own pace, on your schedule.

There’s no cost to sign up but you will have the chance to win some prizes from local businesses and velofix Ottawa. If you’d like to sign up, email


Q: March has already started. Is it too late to join?
A: Not at all! You can sign up anytime.

Q: What if I can’t exercise every day?
A: No problem! We know life gets in the way and it’s not always possible to get 30 minutes of exercise. If you can’t exercise everyday, don’t worry about it! If you’d like, you could pledge to donate a few dollars to the SJAM trails for every day that you don’t exercise. velofix Ottawa will match your month-end donation, up to $30.

Q: Can I exercise more than 30 minutes!
A: Sure! Do as much, or as little as you’d like/can. The whole goal here is to get you moving!

Q: If I still have questions, who can I ask?
A: Email

Thanks for considering the #velofixGive30 challenge!

This challenge is organized by velofix Ottawa! If you’re not familiar with our small business, check us out online and social media! We’re Ottawa’s biggest mobile bike shop and we offer the same great services that you’d find a local bike shop BUT with the added convenience of having US come to YOU! For your next tune up, overhaul, or bike fitting, save yourself the trip and book us online at

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