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Winter Trainer Promotion!

Are you on ZWIFT?

Or Trainer Roads? Or riding your indoor trainer this winter?

Buy a Smart Trainer or Power Meter this month and we’ll help with delivery, install and calibration!

It’s that time of year, races are winding down and you’re enjoying some great fall riding.  For most cyclists north of the border, winter training means spending some time on an indoor trainer.  The good news is, that time doesn’t have to suck; at least this time around!  With the newest wave of Smart Trainers, Power Meters and online platforms like Zwift and TrainerRoad (and Netflix if we’re being honest), indoor riding is better than ever!  For the busy cyclist, indoor training offers the best quality workout in the shortest time.  To really get the best of these platforms and the most out of your workouts, the Smart Trainer is a must.

What is a Smart Trainer?

The term ‘Smart Trainer’ refers to indoor resistance units that can interact with software, so programs like the virtual-riding Zwift and the prescribed-interval TrainerRoad control the resistance you feel when peddling. Besides interactive resistance control, a Smart Trainer will tell you exactly how hard you are working – just like a power meter does.

Why buy a smart trainer?

Having something to entertain or guide you while you’re slogging your guts out on your own just makes sense. As well, having accurate feedback on your power — or even precise control on required power — is invaluable for training.

Yes, you can do both Zwift and TrainerRoad on a normal trainer or on rollers. But with a smart trainer, when you hit a virtual hill, all of a sudden you are really having to grind out the power. Similarly, when doing intervals, the resistance will be pinpointed to the specified level, and when you finish, the power required immediately drops to the prescribed level.

How to order:

Email for more info on what trainers we carry, or to place an order. We have access to Wahoo, TacX, CycleOps, Kinetic, Elite and a few other brands! If you’re looking for a Power Meter only, we have a range of options available too!

Note that velofix can also help you with your other trainer needs: trainer tires, mats, rear trainer wheels, and installation.