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Bike Boxing Services

velofix will come to you and pack up your bike(s) for travel.

Ensure your bike is transported safely and efficiently

We can provide services that include full packing and unpacking of your bikes complemented with a bike case for rental to ensure your bike is transported safely and efficiently.

To book this service

  1. Click the “Book Now”
  2. Enter your postal code
  3. Select “Service Packages” or “Tune Packages”
  4. Look for boxing options under a la carte

For specific questions on pricing, please contact your local velofix Mechanic or email for more information.

The same charges will apply to re-assemble the bike when you return (basic gear adjustment included). This re-assembly does not include a full tune up on the bike.

*Minimum charges apply.

*Box not included. Please have appropriate box or bike bag available.

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