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velofix Is Coming to Europe

Early 2018, velofix will have its first mobile bike shops on the road in Europe. Initially the focus will be on DACH, UK and France. However, expansion to other european countries will follow shortly.

What is velofix?

velofix is North America’s largest fleet of mobile bike shops. With over 100 trucks on the road in US and Canada we offer a large last-mile delivery and service network to brands who are moving towards a Direct Sales Strategy.

For customers this is the ultimate customer experience: Buy your bike online and get all the services you would expect from a bike shop conveniently at your doorstep or office.
We service all type of bicycles from all brands at prices equal to your local bike shop but with all the added convenience.

Velofix Europe?

velofix europe will be based in Maastricht, the Netherlands and will serve as the head office for Europe. All european marketing, sales, training, accounting, quality control, van building & design, IT systems, customer support etc will be managed from there in support of our european franchise network.

More than a mobile mechanic; a mobile bike shop.

velofix goes beyond the offering of a mobile mechanic and serves as a true mobile bike shop. Our trucks deliver new bikes, trade-in old bikes, service bikes, do warranty for our partners, return bikes, do bikefits, support events, service corporate clients and have all parts and accessories on board to ensure the customer can ride his/her bike and more. Our customers are welcomed with a good cup of coffee in the van.

Our Mobile Bike Shop

I want to work at velofix

or operate a truck (B2B)

velofix is a franchise system which has many benefits: we provide you with the truck, the supply chain, the IT backend and front-end system, customer service, marketing and brand guidelines and multiple value streams. As a group we can provide services a single or regional solution cannot offer.
You can focus on developing your area and making sure your truck(s) are creating revenue while we support you.
The preferred franchisee construction in Europe is a so-called Area-Developer who focuses on a larger territory and has multiple trucks servicing this area.
Franchise agreements already start at 50.000 euro turnkey (including truck and all systems)
Our initial focus will be DACH, UK and France but we are of course also interested to hear from you when you are from another EU country.

If this sounds interesting you can fill in a short request for information below so that we get a better idea on yourself and the area you are interested in. We will contact you for next steps afterwards.

I am a bicycle brand, a distributor or a parts/accessories brand

I am interested to work with you for delivery, sales, service, warranty or demo programs.

velofix is more than a mobile mechanic. We believe that direct sales and internet sales are the way forward for the bicycle industry. We also see that the demand for service is increasing from year to year in all industries. Where ‘internet’ was linked to ‘cheap’ it is now the preferred way to buy everything. Service has become one of the decisive factors to buy a product.

An important part of velofix is our partnership with bicycle brands where we take care of the delivery and after sales activities like service, warranty, returns, demo for you. A direct sales strategy combines with the best and largest network of mobile bike shops is the ultimate combination of customer focus and cost effectiveness. It is the future.

I am a customer

I want to use your services in Europe.

We can’t wait to help you once we are active in your area. We service your bike but also do the delivery of an ever-increasing number of bike brands.
We arrive at your doorstep when you want and will not leave until you are 100% satisfied.

How it Works

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