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Ways to Avoid Flat Tires

Ways you can avoid a flat 

We’re all too familiar with a flat tire ruining a ride, which is why we’ve put together four ways to avoid getting a flat. There is an adventure to be had; take preventive measures to ensure the longevity of your tires. 

1. Air, Air, Air

It’s no secret that maintaining proper tire pressure makes your ride more enjoyable. 

Think about Goldilocks; you don’t want your tire under-inflated, or overinflated, but just right.

Under-inflated tires leave less cushioning between the rim and the road. If you hit a bump, you’re more likely to experience a pinch flat. Not only are you more susceptible to a pinch flat, but this increases the likelihood of your tire picking up sharp debris and enduring a puncture. To help avoid these, use a bicycle pump and a bike tire gauge to ensure your tire is consistently at the recommended PSI (or pounds per square inch). For best results, top off the pressure every 1-2 weeks. Just like a balloon, it’s normal for your tires to lose a little pressure over time. Our velofix rider support technicians would happily discuss it over your appointment if you ever have questions regarding your tire pressure.

2. Tire Inspection

Before any ride, it’s a good idea to take a glance and examine your tires. This process helps you identify if there is anything stuck or embedded into your tire. 

If you notice something, pick it out with a sharp blade or needle-nose pliers (we understand not everyone has pliers laying around); dental picks work great as well. 

Once the object is removed, it’s time to determine whether the tire is still usable. Replacing a tire before its time is quite disappointing, but it’s by far a better option than having it give out on your ride. If the casing threads are visible, this is a good indicator that it may be time to part ways with your tire.

3. Ride Smart 

Preventative measures can be as minor as avoiding gutters or pre-planning your ride to ensure you’re not passing areas that are surrounded by sharp objects.

Sharp objects tend to be blown, washed, or swept out of the lane and into the gutters. Though they might look fun to splash through, puddles contain sharp objects disguised in the murky waters. Know there’s construction happening on one of your routes? Maybe find an alternative route for the time being. 

4. Up Your Protection With Tire Armour 

Talk to your local velofix rider support technician about extra protection for some extra peace of mind.