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Jacksonville Veteran Launches New Mobile Bike Shop Business

We’re now rolling in Jacksonville with US Military Veteran and Jacksonville local, Ryan Peterson leading the way! Peterson served 22 years for the US Military, which included 8 years in the US Army and 14 years in the US Air Force. Throughout his service, he was deployed all over the world, including two trips to the Middle East supporting Iraq and Afghanistan operations.


In 2016, Peterson decided to start a new venture: launch velofix’s Mobile Bike Shop in Jacksonville territory.


Peterson says, “I have always been interested in starting my own business, but was challenged determining what kind of business would be a good fit. I wanted to invest in a company that my heart truly believed in. After many months of research, my wife and I made the decision to join velofix.”


When asked how his military experience relates to his new venture, Peterson says, “Always take care of the people first; you cannot accomplish the mission without having a highly motivated, highly trained team working together as one cohesive unit.”


Read the full press release here.