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velofix Rolls Towards Becoming the Largest Group of Bike Shops in North America with 104 Franchises Sold

We are changing the way cyclists receive service and buy bikes, recently hitting and surpassing 100 franchises across Canada and the USA!


Brian Williams, Owner and Operator of velofix Atlanta, decided to jump at the opportunity to purchase multiple territories in the Atlanta region.


“When I originally started thinking about the business, I saw the opportunity, because I, myself, am the perfect customer. Both my wife and I work demanding jobs and we have two active kids. Therefore, time is very limited. I needed a fast and convenient way to get my bike fixed and I knew others in the Atlanta market were likely feeling the same way,” says Williams.


Williams will launch his local business in the summer of 2017 and is excited to help cyclists save time and ride more.


The city of Indianapolis will also soon be home to velofix. Longtime cyclist and entrepreneur Brian Brackemyre has purchased three territories in Indiana after examining the local Indianapolis market for over a year.


Brackemyre was quoted in an article on back in December 2015 saying, “They’ve [velofix] developed a complete mobile shop that can do almost anything a traditional bike shop can do.”


Read the full press release on Endurance Sportswire or on PR Newswire.