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velofix Adds Premium Triathlon Brand Ventum to velofix DIRECT Program

We’ve officially signed Ventum as our newest partner in our velofix DIRECT program! Ventum customers can now enjoy the ease and convenience of ordering their bike online and having it shipped directly to them.

“At Ventum, our number one focus is customer experience. That includes much more than making the fastest, safest triathlon bikes. It starts during the sales process, before the customer even sits on the bike for the first time. With that in mind, we’ve chosen to partner with only the best bike shops in the country. However, not all our customers live near one of those shops, so we also sell our bikes direct, via our website. In the past, that has meant shipping the bike to the customer in a box, which is not a great customer experience. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with velofix. Now, when a customer orders a bike direct from Ventum, they will have the option to have velofix assemble, deliver, fit, and service their bike — all from the comfort of home,” says Ventum Director of Marketing Neville Mehra.

Ventum currently offers two models: the flagship Ventum One and the newer Ventum Z – both are both available for delivery, build and fit by a certified velofix mechanic.

Read the full press release on Endurance Sportswire here.