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velofix Edmonton

Bike repair service for Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

Edmonton is home to North American’s Largest Urban Park, the River Valley, that boasts over 150kms of single-track adventure. For a prairie town, it’s a great place for a mountain bike adventure!

velofix Edmonton is owned by Shawn Traxler, originally from Edmonton, and he is very excited to come home and bring velofix to a very strong cycling and skiing city.

Shawn is a serious cyclist of all varieties (road, mountain, cross, fat tire, you name it, he does it!). His family is also very active and involved in the cycling world; one of his daughters is actually part of the TREK Red Truck Racing team!

velofix Edmonton’s goal is pure and simple, keep people on their bikes, not waiting for them.

Meet your Mechanic

Shawn, a native Albertan, is a long time cyclist with deep roots in the cycling community. He did his first bike race at the young age of 13 and has never looked back since. This love for cycling drew Sean to bike shops and he eventually became a mechanic, learning the intricacies of many different types of bikes. As a racer and rider who rides all types of bikes, who better to help get your bike back on track?!

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