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Corporate Services

Our Mobile Bike Shop will come to your office(s) and service your employees bikes so they  can be safe on the road.

The #1 Asset of any Company is their Employees.

We have several options available to our Corporate Customers for on site bike repair service.

Employee Direct Pay Program

A no-cost option to employers. Employees pay directly for velofix service and any parts required. Group rates are available if 5 employees book service the same day.

Subsidized Service Program

All or a company designated portion, of the cost for each service is paid by the company, with the remaining, any parts needed, and any additional charges to be paid for by the employee. Group and hourly rates are also available depending on service requested.

Lunchtime Learning Sessions

Corporate lunchtime learning sessions are held by velofix Certified Mechanics and provide your employees the opportunity to learn about safety, basic mechanics, health and nutrition.


Ride Support

Group and corporate team ride support; not only will we make sure no one gets left behind, we will also have nutrition and hydration to ensure everyone stays energized and hydrated

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