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Service Packages


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For bikes requiring a quick safety check, warranty claims, or those stored for the winter with minimal use, our service offers comprehensive inspections. Additionally, this is ideal for race and event safety checks.


  • 35pt Safety Inspection
  • Chain Lube
  • Tire inflation
  • Quote for additional services
  • Bike bolt check


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Prioritizes safety and functionality, offering a thorough inspection and adjustment of all mechanical components to ensure optimal braking and shifting performance. It’s the ideal tune-up for bikes with a clean drivetrain and those who ride regularly.


Includes Bronze package + 

  • Adjust derailleur limit/set screws
  • Adjust derailleur cable tension
  • Adjust brake cable tension
  • Ensure perfect braking
  • Ensure perfect shifting
  • Wheel true on bike
  • Frame wipe down
  • Set to provided fit #s
  • Test ride bicycle


Most Popular!

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Perfect for riders aiming to keep their bike in peak condition and is recommended for both annual and seasonal maintenance. It includes a full drivetrain removal and cleaning, leaving your bike spotless and ensuring smooth operation.


Includes Silver package + 

  • Thorough bike wash & detailing
  • Full wheel true
  • Remove and degrease chain
  • Remove and degrease cassette
  • Remove and degrease chainrings
  • Apply bike polish
  • Regrease and torque all bolts


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Tailored for elite and competitive riders or triathletes seeking a complete overhaul, prioritizing performance enhancement and optimization. Ideal for hardcore riders, this is a must-have for those pushing their limits.


Includes Gold package + 

  • Full overhaul “frame strip + rebuild” service
  • Complete component stripping to frame
  • Drivetrain component wear inspection
  • Brake System Component Wear Inspection
  • Bearing Wear Inspection
  • Derailleur Hanger Alignment
  • Headset & Bottom Bracket Overhaul
  • Cable + Housing Replacement
  • Wheel Adjustment (Tension & True)
  • New Tire Installation and/or Tubeless Top Up
  • Brake Bleeding
  • New Pad/Rotor Installation
  • New Grip or Bar Tape Installation

If we are unable to complete the service due to specific components being needed for your bike, a minimum charge will be applied to the first visit (varies by location). The cost of the originally booked service will be applied during the subsequent visit.

*Parts, accessories, and installation fees not included
*Upcharge for tandem, recumbent, and triathlon bikes will apply
*Suspension Service/Overhaul Not Included
*Dual Suspension Frame Linkage Overhaul Not Included

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