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At Home Bike Boxing Service for

velofix is North America’s largest network of Mobile Bike Shops and a proud partner of Upway.

To book your velofix bike boxing by one of our professional certified technician, please enter your zip code to get started.

*Please note that your service technician may arrive within a 2 hour window before or after the time you select for your appointment.

How it works:

Need a box?

Source your box yourself or order a box online for $60, directly from Upway – they have partnered with Bikeflights to provide you a great option at a discounted price. Boxes will arrive within 2-5 business days.

Please note, to comply with parcel-mail size regulations, the maximum allowable size for shipping is 165 girth inches. Where girth inches is calculated by Length + (2x width) + (2x height). Our box (option 3) mentioned above is 154 girth inches (62x13x33 inches).

Got Questions?

Check out our velofix FAQ page