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Your Experience Our Reputation

You Ride Our Reputation 

Is our way of calling attention to the importance of the work we do for our customers.  It’s why people try us and customers keep coming back.  We don’t take our reputation for granted; we’re out there starting from zero every time we work on a bike, because we see our reputation as something we need to earn with every bike we wrench, every customer we see. 



We’re proud of our velofix locations.  We’re out in the field, meeting customers at their homes and offices and events every day across North America, delivering A+ experiences wherever we go. 

As our shop is in a van and we set up wherever our customers want us to be, we know that we’re less visible than a traditional brick-and-mortar shop. 

To give you a taste of how our customers feel, we’re sharing some of their experiences with you.  As bullish as we are about velofix, it’s our customers who are the lifeblood of velofix and our most eloquent ambassadors.

Your Experience Our Reputation

Is the word of our customers, the ones who ask us to show up and invite us into their lives.  They’ve lived our reputation.  They know what it’s like to hand over their pride and joy, their somewhat intimidating travel rig in need of serious repair, their as-yet-unbuilt dream ride still sitting in a box of loose parts, to a velofixer, and have the magic occur. 

They’ve been wowed.  It makes us happy, proof of a job well done, and inspiration going forward. 


Your Experience Our Reputation

They were able to accommodate my schedule.

     –Sari Burgoyne on velofix Ottawa ON

Would highly recommend this service. They were able to accommodate my schedule and all 3 of my bikes now run very smoothly! They come right to your door, very convenient and extremely professional.


Went out of his way to get the battery and to my hotel in time for the race.

     –Todd Z. on velofix Orlando FL

I recently competed in Ironman Florida 70.3. In the mad dash to leave my house in NY, I forgot my battery for my Di2 shifters.  After realizing this late on Friday, I called around to about five bike shops and no one could help me.  My friend helped me find Velofix and the owner Coop from Orlando. He called all around town and found a battery from Kyle’s Bike Shop and went out of his way to get the battery and to my hotel in time for the race.  Amazing service and saved the day!

There are great bike technicians all over but the service you receive from velofix is what makes them great.

     –John Louis Bernardo on velofix Silicon Valley CA

This is my third year using VeloFix. And they are amazing to use. They are all great technicians. I think what really sets them apart is the service. They come to you, and they truly customize and tailor the service. Often when you drop off your bike to your local bike shop, you drop it off and pick a service or tell them a concern.  But with VeloFix the technician is there with you and you can ask or tell them concerns and they can address it or explain right then and there. Like do you like your brakes firmer or softer, rather than a technician just assuming or doing it as they would like it. Or them actually telling you what to look out for and being able to see it on your bike. The technician invites you into the van and shows you everything and explains everything. There are great bike technicians all over but the service you receive from VeloFix is what makes them great. I would recommend them to anyone looking to have any kind of work done on your bike. I would always be VeloFix customer!