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velofix Silicon Valley

Bike repair and service for the Silicon Valley and surrounding areas.

Year round riding. Great climbs. Beautiful scenery. Just a few ways to describe the bike riding that we have in the Silicon Valley. No matter what or how you ride, there is not a better place on the planet and we want to be your partner to keep your rolling.

velofix Silicon Valley Owner, Shane Stent, broke his leg playing volleyball in college and got on a bike to rehab the injury. As his father let him borrow his, Shane vowed to never do any of that “strange stuff” that cyclists do. Shave legs. Wear tight clothes. That vow was broken fast as racing in the form of road races and adventure races became the obsession. Finally, the vow is completely broken with the launch of velofix – Silicon Valley. Bringing a marketing background from time spent at Nike to a strong business and customer service background from his experience in residential real estate, Shane is excited to get up and running and provide a special level of service and a customer experience for cyclists not seen on the San Francisco Peninsula.


Mark Stemmy


Mark Stemmy

Mark’s passion for cycling evolved and grew here on the San Francisco Bay Area Penninsula.  He built his first set of wheels with components and guidance from Ric and Jon Hjertberg at the Wheelsmith in 1983.  He also had a chance to train with some of the many talented riders in this region like Matt Christie, Marco Roman and Olympian George Mount.  His first bike shop job was at Talbot’s in 1987 and since then has had the opportunity to work with many remarkably talented mechanics and riders, developing a reputation for exceedingly high standards of mechanical workmanship and attention to detail.  In addition to being mechanic and wheel builder Mark is also a custom bike designer that can help clients optimize their riding experience based upon their needs and tastes.  

Thank you so much! My bike never rode and felt so good!‎ Gear changes were super smooth.

June Barrette