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San Diego


velofix is a complete Mobile Bike Shop that services the San Diego community. We are a one-stop shop for all things bikes, offering bike and e-bikes maintenance, tunes and builds. The best part? We come to you. We service road bikes, mountain bikes, commuter bikes, fat tire bikes, electric bikes, and kids bikes.


Cycling in San Diego is practiced year round because of a very favorable climate. The terrain and versatile geography offers one of the most diverse communities of athletes. Whether Road Racing, Mountain Biking, Track Racing, Triathlon and or Ebike Commuting, San Diego is one of a few cities where cyclists are on the bike year round. One of the most insurmountable challenges is traffic and navigating the roads that traverse the landscape where bicycles and their use is arguably advantageous over automobiles. Whether it is a basic tune up or a challenging fix for an unanswered mechanical problem, velofix is the answer.


Brett Lindstrom


Brett Lindstrom

Brett Lindstrom hails from an equally diverse cycling background. “My first job, at fifteen years old, was assembling bicycles at Angle Lake Bicycles in Sea Tac, Washington.” Thirty years later and a career in the bicycle industry, Brett is getting back to the core of the business. “I want to give back to the cycling community, serve those who are just starting out as well as those who consider the sport more than a hobby.” His experience touches every aspect of the industry, retail, manufacturing, distribution, technical writing, professional cyclist, etc. Regardless of his experience his passion for the sport is boundless and his commitment to serving those who participate is relentless.