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velofix San Diego

Bike repair service for San Diego County.

Cycling is more popular than ever in the San Diego region. As Southern Californians continue to focus on fitness and the outdoors, cycling has become a key activity of choice. Our annual climate provides year round riding opportunities. Whether you’re a roadie, a mountain biker, a commuter, a cruiser, or all of the above, San Diego County provides something for everyone. velofix San Diego is excited to serve the region and to be a part of the local cycling community. Forming a perfect partnership, Owner Paul Dunlap and Master Mechanic Thomas Cody, bring years of cycling experience and passion to the velofix business.

Paul Dunlap has been cycling his entire life. Having started out on his Dad’s 1970’s steel Raleigh, he began taking it a part, one component at a time. When completed, he set out on a one-day, 130 mile ride to the coast to test it out. He was hooked on bikes and riding from that point on. Paul continues to cycle, with daily commutes to the office and long rides on the weekend. Look for him out on Coast Highway, taking in the early morning sights and sounds.

No matter the type of riding you enjoy, whether you’re needing your road bike repaired or your mountain bike repaired, whether you’re looking for bike parts and accessories or to buy a new bike, velofix San Diego has you covered.

Meet your Mechanic

Thomas “Tom” Cody has also been cycling for a lifetime. Tom began riding at an early age and continues to ride road, mountain, and tandem bikes throughout the week. Tom has been a Master Certified Mechanic since 2005 and has many more years of mechanic experience. Tom served in the US Navy for 20 years as an air traffic controller and has nerves of steel! He has served as the Team Mechanic during the Race Across America and has led many group excursions through France, providing guidance and mechanic services throughout the journeys. Tom maintains certifications and is always keeping up with new technologies. Tom is professional in his craft and strives to make every bike perform to its very best. His approachable, engaging manner will welcome you to your service.

Sponsorships and Events

Carlsbad Grand Prix

Bike the Bay

Cycle for Life

Mission accomplished! Paul you should’ve seen the look on my baby’s face. Brought tears to my eyes. You nailed it. Thanks again. Could not have done it without you. Velofix San Diego Rocks!